About Lazuli Healing

Lazuli Healing was created by Shela Yu to honor her own journey as a healing arts practitioner. 

Shela is an Arizona native, born and raised in Mesa, AZ. Growing up with an insatiable hunger for creativity via dance, music, and art, led to personal inquiry fueled by meditation and a desire to tame the monkey mind. 

After spending time at a Buddhist Monastery in New Mexico in 2009, she returned home to Arizona to study yoga and massage therapy at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. 

Upon graduating and completing over 100 hours of clinical practice in 2011, Shela worked in different settings such as a chiropractic center, yoga studios, med spa and wellness center. By 2019, she felt it was time to branch out and spread her wings to start her own practice.

Although Shela still enjoys working with groups via yoga classes and drum circles, her most rewarding work is held in a one-to-one setting. It is in her massage and bodywork sessions that the deepest work can be done. 

Every time she gets to work on a client, whether a regular or a newbie, it is an absolute gift to connect and offer healing at whatever level an individual needs at that given moment.

For Shela, massage is so much more than just relieving muscle tension, it is an opportunity to understand the nuances of being human and a chance to hold space for healing at all levels to occur.


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